Writing a book, regardless of the topic, genre, or content, will change your life. Following are three very important reasons you must write and publish you own book 

1. Writing a book will open up doors of opportunity that you never imagined.
I have a friend, who is a well-known brain and quantum physics expert with a PhD.  Only after she self-published her first book, did she say that her career really started to take off.   Not to mention that she made significantly more money simply due to the opportunities that opened up for her as an author.  She was amazed at what a difference publishing made in her life and that:  her title as an author trumped her PhD status.
It’s crazy, I know. She went to school for a total of 21 years at a cost of thousands of dollars and ended up achieving her financial goals only after she wrote and self-published her first book.

2. Your Self-Published book makes you the expert and gives you a substantial edge over your competition. 

Imagine that you just bought a new, and very rowdy, puppy and you need help training him.  Searching the local dog trainers, you find one who has written a book on how to train difficult dogs and you find another trainer with a similar resume but no book under his belt. 

Who do you turn to? 

Most people will hire the dog trainer that has written the book. 

This is the way that the world works.  Those professionals with the title of “Author” are perceived as the experts.  Your book will sell your knowledge, services or products, for you.  You’ll never have to make a cold call again.  Imagine saying to a client that is inquiring about your product or services, “Let me send you my book.” 

3. Your Self-Published book enables you, as an expert, to share your knowledge to the world. 

When you write and self publish your book, you have full control over the contents.  You are the creator and you can express your points in any way you like. This allows you the freedom to convey your thoughts through words and/or illustrations. 

As a writer, you have the ability to create words that paint a picture or spark the imagination of your readers in a way that no other tool can.  Words are powerful, as is knowledge, and you can use your book to express both.

Additionally, if your book is written with the purpose of offering a benefit or helping people solve a problem, then your self-published book and your knowledge are helping others.  It doesn’t get better than being able to make a great living helping others live better lives.