Writing, publishing and making money with your own book is just like any other business. You will find 5% of businesses, are making money and the other 95% are struggling financially. Being an author is no different than being in business for yourself and most authors don’t want to except this so they remain broke.

Poor authors think it is all about the writing and Rich authors know its all about the marketing. You could have written the best book ever but if you don’t know how to market it you will probably stay fairly broke. On the other hand a mediocre book that is properly marketed could make you a very rich person.

So lesson one as an author is to accept the fact that you are first a marketer and then an author if you truly want to make a lot of money by writing and publishing your own book. That’s good news for authors because marketing your own book is easy to do if you just take the time to learn how.

Writing and self publishing today can be a financial bonanza and there is much help to encourage would be authors how to make a lot of money writing their books. If you are like 81% of the population who say they want to write their own book there has never been a better time in history to prosper as an author.

There are many books available on the internet as well as book stores that will show you how to write your book in as little as a month or even less and I am talking about only an hour a days work. Self publishing your book has also been made much easier as well because of technology.

Not too many years back you had to pay a large some of money to get 2000 books printed by a printer just so you could get a decent per book price. Now with desk top publishing and new technology you can print one book at a time.

One book I highly recommend that is full of good information is ‘From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur’ by Stephanie Chandler