How To Write A Book, A Question Of Faith

October 30th, 2007 by Bob Burnham

Having taught so many would be authors how to write and publish their book has really given me a keen sense of how faith plays out in our lives. With 81% of people in North America saying they want to write a book why is it that so few actually do?

Lets face it if you are coming to my class it is probably a given that you are more serious about completing your book than the rest of the population. With that being said why do I have so many students that come to my classes with an almost completed book but they still have not reached the finish line?

In fact I have had several students that say they have been writing their book since the late 1960’s and still aren’t to the finish line. What up with that? What’s up is always the same answer I get from every student and that is when they are ready to pull the trigger and shoot their book into the published world they loose faith.

They loose faith that what they have written is good enough and worthy of their reading audience. They loose faith that they really can be a published author and they loose faith that they themselves are good enough.

Here they are standing at the door to ‘Published Author’ and they loose faith. So who is the guard standing at the door stopping them from going through? It is their worst enemy and it is the enemy that has stopped them from enjoying a more full and successful life.

That enemy is their own mind working against themselves. This is the same mind that might even encourage a friend or even a total stranger to go for it but when it comes to them they feel they are not worthy and loose faith. So close and yet so far because nothing happens until that book is out there for people to read.

The tragedy of this thinking is that probably 90% of the people who would read their book will be much more supportive and kinder to the would be author then they are to themselves. How ironic!

This reminds me of the fly that continues to fly up against the closed window looking for freedom until death. Had the fly moved over 6 inches to the open door the fly would have had total freedom to live out its life. It is the same story with the would be author. If they could just have the faith to let their own mind go they would see the miraculous results that being a published author can bring to their lives and the lives of their readers.

If there is one big piece of advice I can give these authors on writing a book it is this. To just let it go and have faith. Have faith in yourself and have faith in your readers and you will join the ranks of published author and I promise you your world will change.