Want to know a simple little technique to help you get more readers to your articles?

Go to http://www.ezinearticles.com/  and you will notice down the right hand side of the page there are pictures of authors under the Author Spotlight column.

There is a wealth of knowledge in that column that is easily accessible by having a closer look at those authors and their articles.

Click on one of the faces in that row that has at least 20 articles so you can start to get better numbers to quantify what I am about to show you.

What you will see when you click on those faces is those author’s statistics. It will list the titles of all the articles for that author. You will also see the category the article was submitted to and then the date it was submitted and lastly the important number of how many views that article has had.

This is your key to success in authoring article titles that will get lots of people reading your articles.

Once you begin to study the article statistic pages of several authors you will notice that certain titles and subjects get considerably more views than other articles.

You may notice that many of the articles by a particular author will have a few hundred views but a few will have some times 10 even 50 times the normal amount of views.

Start looking at authors’ statistics in your niche and you will soon see a correlation between subjects, title types and number of views.

So how can this help you? Start to notice the articles that have the most views and write articles on that topic as well as use the same type of hooks those authors have used in their titles.  You will soon start to have the same readership views as they get.

If you start to research this and take away the winning techniques that these popular articles use in the subjects and titles you can dramatically improve your article reader ship which will translate into more traffic going to your website. Once you have more traffic you will be in a very good position to turn those readers into more sales.

You might even notice on your own articles that some are being read considerably more than others. Have a close look at the title and subject that you used and do more of it.

The internet and technology is giving us all statistical numbers that only a few years ago weren’t available to us. Take these numbers and use them to your advantage and also to help your customers.