Become A Published Author in 2008

December 27th, 2007 by Bob Burnham

It’s that time of year again when you will soon be pondering a new year’s resolution. What is it going to be? Will it be to loose some weight, quit smoking or maybe to just treat your fellow man with more kindness and respect.

What about being a published author by writing your own book in 2008? Almost 81% of our North American population say they would like to write a book. That means that over 4 out of every 5 people who will read this blog post have expressed an interest in writing their own book.

So with so many people wanting to write their own book how come only a small percentage of people actually achieve published author status? Well it is no secret that the mighty excuse is the reason for stopping so many would be authors in their tracks.

The two biggest excuses I hear are I don’t know how to write and the second one is that they suffer from perfectionism. Their book is just never quite good enough to put it out into the world of readers.

Well here’s my professional opinion on these two excuses.

# 1 I don’t know how to write.

If you can hold a conversation you can write a book. Write your book in a simple conversational style and you will do just fine. It is a myth that you need to be a literary giant to make it as an author. If you need proof just read my book. It is doing just fine and I am making a very substantial secondary income from being an author.

#2 The book isn’t quite good enough yet to be published.

There are a lot of people that suffer from perfectionism and I was in its spell for too many years as well. First of all there is no such thing as a perfect book so thinking that your book has to be perfect before being published is an illusion. The bottom line is a mediocre published book will always do better than an author waiting for their book to be perfect.

Use a simple template to help you write your book and spend about an hour per day writing. Within one month you will have a book that will be about 200 pages in length and you will be ready to publish a book that will completely change your life for the better.

Think about it this way! For about 20 or 30 hours of writing you can start attracting all sorts of life changing opportunities by becoming the author of a book. I know of no other opportunity that is available to so many people like you and I. Take advantage of it and make 2008 the start of the best year ever.