Use A Simple Template To Write Your Book

January 30th, 2008 by Bob Burnham

I am just beginning to teach my course ‘How to Write And Publish Your Book In 40 Days’ for the winter semester in many schools throughout the lower mainland in and around Vancouver BC.

One of the points I always stress to my students is to use a simple template to write their books. I teach them to write 10 to 25 chapter topics for their book depending on the size of the book they wish to write. Then for each chapter topic I have them come up with 10 points they will cover about that topic.
They now have only to write a page or two about each point and they will soon magically have their book written. This way when they have mapped out their book from front to back they know what is going to be written on each page.

A little bit of up front time spent mapping out your book will save you a ton of time in the long run. This technique keeps my students from drifting and getting lost in a sea of words and ideas. You would not drive to a new distant destination without a map so why would you write a book with out a template?

Once you get used to this technique you will find it to be a very valuable tool. You can literally start writing your book on any page you wish. You can start on the last chapter then go to the middle chapter and then the first and it will still fit perfectly together.

Don’t get lost on a dark deserted road to nowhere with your book and then think you are suffering from writers block. Take this simple template idea and make your writing career that much easier.