What You Truly Need To Write Your Book

February 26th, 2008 by Bob Burnham

With 81% of the population in North America saying at one time or
another that they would like to write a book why are so few doing it?

Anyone that has taken my course ‘How to Write & Publish Your Own Book
in 40 Days’ knows I talk a lot about mindset at the beginning of the
class. I talk about mindset because it is the key to whether you
realize your goal to writing and publishing your own book.

I cover this all important topic of mindset because the fact of the
matter is anyone I teach my strategies to can become a published
author and even a best selling one. The only thing that can stop
them is their own mindset.

You see we all have the same 24 hours per day and we all have the
same information available to us for success but it is only
ourselves who can stop us. We are stopped by our ‘ANTs’ Automatic
Negative Thoughts.

You know the ones:

Where will I get the time?
I can’t write a book!
I don’t have any money to publish a book!!!
My spouse will not support me!

and on and on go the army of ANTs

So how come some of us succeed and some of us get stopped in the
starting gate? Some students leave my classes and have their books
finished in a very short time and some never take the first step.
Of course it is my passion that they all finish their books because
I know what a difference it can make in their lives.

You see when we ask questions of ourselves like; Where will I find
the time to write my book? That question is not intended to stop
us, but rather it is a good question that needs an answer so we can
move on with our book projects.

The answer might be to wake up a half an hour earlier or go to
sleep a half an hour later. There are many answers to that
question, the students who find the answer to that question and
many others are the ones that have Focus, Persistence and Passion.

You must have the Focus to stay on task and also to see the final
result of your completed and published book.

You must have the Persistence to keep moving forward on your book
each and every day to know you are heading toward completion.

Lastly you must have the Passion that will keep you motivated no
matter how many obstacles real or imagined try to take you off
course from you realizing your dream of becoming a published author.

It may help to know that with writing and publishing your own book
you will put in the work once but it is a process that can pay dividends
for the rest of your life.