Why As an Author You Must Have a Website!

March 20th, 2008 by Bob Burnham

In business terms the internet is still a baby but in internet terms it is a lifetime old. Much has changed on the internet over its short life but I must say that without a doubt it is still one on the greatest opportunities for anyone to stake out a claim on the internet.

The internet is still the Wild, Wild West and you must get your virtual real estate plot now. The internet is still growing and evolving by leaps and bounds each day and will continue for decades to come.

Where else can you reach so many targeted customers, still extremely cost effective and get all this with the click of a mouse? The sooner you get on board with a website the better.

You must have a website for your book and you must have both your book and website pages titled with words that will make it easy for your targeted customers to find you. If you make it easy for your customers to find you; you also make it easier for yourself to sell books and make money.

One of my students a few weeks ago told me in class that he was looking for some information on how to write a screen play. He went to the search engines and quickly found a book entitled ‘How to Write a Screen Play’ He said it was exactly what he was looking for and bought the book.

It doesn’t get much easier than that and I’m sure that author will make money for years to come.

You will be taking a very big gamble as an author by not taking your spot on the net. Don’t risk not being able to be found. Set up your website today!