I know you are reading this blog title and thinking about most of the authors you know of are starving and I am way off base with this one.

In my second life I am in the fire and flood restoration business which is considered to be  part of the construction industry. Our industry in North America has an average net profit of 4.5%. To me that is a tragedy and even borders on pathetic and is probably not worth waking up for each morning.

Luckily my companies are not in the 4.5% profit margin group. In fact I learned a long time ago how to run a profitable fire and flood restoration business. I educated myself and we run net profits anywhere from 30 to 50 % each month. Now that is worth waking up for.

Why am I telling you all this? Because now that I am also an author and sell my information in a variety of different formats such as books, CD’s, DVD’s, Seminars, coaching and a number of other ways I am still in awe of how truly profitable being an author and information marketer is. In fact if you market your information properly you can very often make 90% and more net profit margins.

I am grateful and amazed every day about what an exciting opportunity it is to be an author and information marketer in today’s business world. If you are in this exciting business it is only going to get better over the next several decades.

I get more jazzed and excited each day when a customer buys a DVD set that I made once and now sell over and over again for profit margins that are not made by any other industry on earth. How cool is that?

Your wealth or money can come and go but if you have valuable information to sell you will inevitably be rich in very short order. It is specialized knowledge and information that is and will be the most valuable asset to have for a long time to come.
Whether you are an employee, business owner or want to make your book your main business being and author and information marketer is the best gig on earth. Don’t wait make it happen now!