Write A Book! Leave Behind A Life Of Mediocrity

August 15th, 2008 by Bob Burnham

So many people lead lives of quiet desperation needlessly. If they only knew how very close they are to a miraculous life they would probably take more inspired action.

I remember many years ago when a business associate commented to me after I was telling him the great business idea I had discovered. His response to me was “I have been telling you that for a long time”. I don’t know why but a switch went on in my brain that particular day saying he had in fact been telling me about that very business idea for many years.

Why had I heard him that day but had obviously not heard him the many times before? It is because we can only see what we know and I finally knew what he had been talking to me about for all those years.

You see the universe or higher power which ever you prefer to call it is always supporting us for our higher purpose if we would just be open to it. The universe sends us messages many ways. It may be a friend, business associate, event, book or an article just like this one. We’re getting our lives queued constantly if we would just open up to the new and let go of the old.

I teach a course, How To Write & Publish a Book In 40 Days, many times per year in the Vancouver BC area. It is obvious to me that everyone in the classes I am teaching has been given a nudge by the universe to write a book or else they wouldn’t be there.

That being said why do many of the students get all pumped up at the class but then run out of gas on their book project a short time later? It is because they can’t see themselves as published authors yet. This is a tragedy because finishing their books would make a miraculous difference in their lives.

I truly believe we are put here on this earth to help each other and writing your book is a great way to help many people and in fact in most cases it is our obligation to do so.

I know my life purpose is to help as many people as possible to expand their lives through the process of writing their book. Many of my students do finish their books within a few months of the course and I am grateful for that.

Others it may be years later when someone says to them after they are beaming at the miraculous life changes that have come to them after writing their books. I said to you years ago that you should write a book.

Hear me now this very day that you can write and publish your own book and you will leave your life of mediocrity for a life of change and miracles. Can you hear me?