Want To Make Some Extra Money As The Author Of A Book?

December 29th, 2008 by Bob Burnham

Have you ever wanted to work less hours or maybe even part time but just couldn’t make it financially on part time wages? Well I’ve got a secret how anyone who has authored a book can make full time wages for part time work.

The secret is Continuing Education which is available at many post secondary schools and colleges in most cities and towns throughout North America or for that matter in most cities world wide.

Take the information from your book and make it into a 3 hour course and teach it at the local continuing education schools in your city. The continuing education schools are always looking for new instructors and courses and your book and course could be just what they are looking for.

Many of the schools will pay you 40 or 50 % subcontracting wages and this can work out very financially rewarding for 3 hours work. I have had as many as 35 students per class at $59.00 per student which works out to $1,032.50 for 3 hours work.

But wait it gets even better. You can potentially sell as many as 20 books to your class adding another few hundred dollars. Some may ask for further consulting or coaching. Are you getting the idea yet how profitable a 3 hour class can be for you?

Between all the different backend services and products available to your students you could very well have a $1,000.00 to even a $10,000.00 night. Not bad for a part time job.

Your students will love you because you are the expert! You will even start getting referrals which are another valuable source for your income.