Don’t Risk Not Being A Published Author

Are you willing to risk the fact you don’t have a book as a business card in today’s tough economy? I mean we have not seen the likes of this type of economy since the great depression and there are a lot of business people really feeling the competitive pinch.

Gain Instant Credibility, Celebrity & Expert Status

If you are a service professional, coach, sales person, consultant, entrepreneur, author or speaker you can easily blow your competition away with a book. You gain instant credibility, celebrity and expert status the minute you publish a book.

I have seen this phenomenon in my own life and also in the many clients I have taught to write and publish their own book. You quickly and easily start to attract more and better paying clients. It’s the best kept marketing secret on the planet.

Attract More Customers

It doesn’t seem like that long ago I use to have to go out and chase clients and compete with some of my competitors on price. Not any more! Now I have customers that come to me and pay a premium because I am the expert in my field.

Anyone Can Write A Book

Now if you are thinking you can’t write a book or it is just too much work then you should think again. Let me tell you if I can write a book then anyone can write a book. If you can read this blog post or have a conversation then you can write a book.

There are many simple ways to write a book and start attracting the higher paying clients.  The very first book my coauthor and I wrote we didn’t write. Yeah that’s right we hired a ghost writer. There are other simple methods as well such as interviewing other experts in your field and having it transcribed into a book or having other contributors to help you write.

Write Your Book Once But Get Paid For Life

There really are a number of easy ways for you to be a published author. Here’s the best part. You do the work once by writing and publishing your book but it keeps paying for years to come by positioning you as the expert and attracting more and better paying clients.

Don’t let this simple fool proof system slip through your fingers! Act on it today. If your still stuck on How To Write A Book>>> We Can Help!