4 Reasons Why You Must Write a Book

October 8th, 2009 by Bob Burnham

1. Stand Out In A Crowded or Competitive Market Place
In any tough economic or competitive climate it can be very hard to stand out in a crowded market place. Many of the advertising methods that worked not even that long ago are now bringing little or no results. Many service professionals, coaches, sales people, consultants, entrepreneurs, authors and speakers are in the dubious spot of being the seller in a buyers market and often end up taking on work they either don’t want or is not that profitable. It can be a vicious cycle of feast or famine depending on market conditions.

2. Becoming an Author Gets More and Better Paying Clients

Can you imagine what it would be like to have your clients chasing you down for your expertise and not because you are the cheapest? How nice would that be? More and better paying clients are the dream of most service professionals, coaches, entrepreneurs etc.

3. Published Authors Have a Higher Regard in their Markets
My coauthor, Jeff, and I have had our worlds changed by writing and publishing our own book. It is the quickest way on earth to gain instant credibility, celebrity and expert status. People hold you in higher esteem as an author giving you a substantial marketing edge against any competition you may have.

4. Brings the World to Your Doorstep

Once you are the author of a book there are all sorts of ways to get yourself in front of your target market and start attracting your perfect customers all on auto pilot. As an author with a book and website you now have the world at your doorstep ready to do business with you.

Frankly I don’t understand why more people don’t take advantage of this fabulous opportunity. Need Encouragement and Guidance

It’s not all work! We get to play as well.

Last night Jeff, I, and our wives went to a fantastic charity function for the African Children’s Choir 25th Anniversary Gala Celebration held at the Vancouver Fairmont Hotel Proceeds from this exclusive event will go to the construction and completion of the African Children’s Choir Primary School on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda. The choir was absolutely fantastic to both listen to and watch. Every one of the children in the choir had the most engaging big bright smiles.

We were invited to the event by rock legend Paul Rogers of FREE, Bad Company, The Firm and Queen fame. Paul also performed at the Gala and was masterful as always.

If you would like to help the starving children in Africa through the African Children’s choir please Donate Here. They’re a fantastic organization that has helped so many orphaned African children become doctors, lawyers, graphic artists and many other noble professions.

Below are some pictures from the Gala.

Want To be A Successful Speaker? Write a Book.

October 5th, 2009 by Bob Burnham

Being a speaker is a great career that many of us would love to do. Problem is though that most speakers, like authors, never make enough money to support themselves doing what they love without another career to help them make it financially.

Just this past summer I was in Portland Oregon to see an Aunt, Uncle and Cousin I hadn’t seen in 38 years. For my wife and children it was their first introduction to these relatives.

Most Speakers are Broke
My aunt and uncle were both 85 and doing great and didn’t even look close to their age. The point here is my Uncle is a very renowned artist in his city and has many great accomplishments under his belt as an artist but like most speakers and authors he was not able to support himself or his family from just his art alone.

My Uncle actually taught art for about 25 years at the local university to support himself and made a little extra with his art. So many people look to speakers, artist and authors with envy and a perceived lifestyle they think they might like but have no idea that most don’t make enough to support themselves.

A Simple Solution to Attract Speaking Engagements
This is a tragedy, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a simple solution that Speakers can take advantage of and that is to write a book. Not only will it help them get and attract more speaking engagements but it will also be the first piece in their financial puzzle to making a living as a speaker.

Your Audience Will Buy Your Book

When you have a book and are a speaker it is very easy to sell your book to the people who are sitting in your audience. In many cases you will have people wanting to buy your book and have you sign it before you even start speaking.

Your book is your first date to many other products you can sell your listening audience and this is where the magic begins. If you are a speaker today there are two things in my eyes that are not options if you want to be one of the speakers in the minority that has a financially prosperous career.

Those two things are:
1. Write and publish a book
2. Set up a website.

Remember it is the author who is considered the expert. So take advantage of being an author and catapult your speaking career.

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