The Perfect Christmas Gift

December 4th, 2009 by Bob Burnham

Having trouble thinking of the perfect gift for friends and family this holiday season? If so, I ask you to consider the gift of inspiration.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has encountered challenges and adversities in their lives that give them valuable information that ought to be shared with the world.

Have you ever told someone close to you that they should write a book because they have lived such an interesting life? Have you personally been considering for a long time to write your own book? I know that both scenarios have applied to me. Not only did I do something for myself by writing my book, but I was also able to help inspire others who have been contemplating doing the same.

I first thought about writing a book years ago. I let a lot of time pass by before I finally went ahead and wrote it with my coauthor. That decision might have been one of the best I ever made, because once the book was written, my life truly began to change and miracles began to happen. I no longer knew why I had put it off for such a long time.

This lesson of not waiting so long is just one of the reasons that my coauthor, Jeff McCallum, and I wrote the best-selling book, 101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book; How to Make a Six Figure Income by Writing and Publishing Your Own Book. We wanted to give the gift of inspiration to others. We wanted to give them the kick in the pants that is necessary to once and for all write the book that they have been thinking about for years.

Of course, it isn’t in everyone’s life path to write a book. Some people may read our 101 Reasons and still feel that they are just not ready. Those people should keep reading until they get to our “12 excuses” that many would-be authors give for holding off on writing a book. We know these excuses well and we have completely annihilated them.

Basically, if you can read (and we assume that you can, having gotten so far into this blog post) and if you can simply carry on a conversation, then you CAN write a book. The same applies to your friends and loved ones. I can’t think of any one of my thousands of students who has regretted writing their own book. Our book will teach you why you should not procrastinate in becoming a published author. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will begin to reap the benefits.

Did you know that there has never been a better time in history to write a book? Inspire those you know to take advantage of this by sending them a copy of 101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book; How to Make a Six Figure Income by Writing and Publishing Your Own Book. You never know when inspiration will strike, so why not pick up a copy for yourself while you’re at it?

Consider our book to be the gift of inspiration. A gift like that could change the lives of your loved ones. It could even change your own life, so you have nothing to lose.

Order your copy now,
and have a happy and inspiring holiday season.
101 Reasons Why You Must Write a Book