This past month, I had the terrific opportunity of visiting a former student of mine at Coles Bookstore for her book signing. Alice Maryniuk published her long-awaited book Thinking For a Change: Transforming your life by transforming your thoughts early in 2010 and has already started a successful marketing campaign for it.

Alice is among a growing number of my students who have gone on to publish their books through my publishing branch, Profits Publishing. She had us format her manuscript while she outsourced her cover design. The end result was a beautiful book that is now in the hands of readers and is now working for her.

Alice was incredibly gracious to grant us a video interview during her book signing. Watch it and discover what she has learned about improving her own life by becoming a published author!

Publishing her own book has already done wonderful things for Alice—after only a month! As she explains in the video, our guidance and encouragement at Expert Author Publishing as both teachers and publishers helped her to believe that she really could finish her book and reap the rewards of doing so. Her business has improved along with her sense of accomplishment. Great things are happening for Alice, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Now it’s time for you to finally experience all of the miraculous changes that becoming a published author can bring about in your own life! Imagine yourself in the video, signing your book at a local bookstore. We can’t wait for you to fill Alice’s shoes and become the next published author from our Profits Publishing branch! If Alice’s interview wasn’t motivation enough, I know that our workbook, “How to Write, Publish & Make Money With Your Book,” will point you in the right direction. Get the workbook now at and start changing your life for the better!

Enlightening Words From a Very Successful Man

February 18th, 2010 by Bob Burnham

I know I tend to need a little motivation every once in a while. How about you?

Writing a book doesn’t always seem easy. What is easy is letting yourself get stuck in the worries and fears of not being able to do it. Thoughts like those hit all of us every once in a while.

That’s why I wanted to share with you a very inspirational video I recently came across. In this video of clips, Will Smith talks about his perspective on achieving an outstanding work ethic. This is a man who has accomplished a tremendous amount in life, and I am hoping his story will motivate you as much as it motivated me.

Take those wise words with you as you go through the journey of writing your book. As the video says, greatness exists in all of us.

Bob Burnham
Author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller:
101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book: How To Make A Six Figure Income By Writing & Publishing Your Own Book

We all appreciate having role models in our lives. It is inspiring to see someone else achieve a goal that we have been aspiring to or have been struggling with.

Do you aspire to become a published author? Do you want to start enjoying the prestige and credibility that writing your own book will give you? Would you appreciate the prestige and boom in business that being a Best Selling Author will provide?

Meet your newest two role models in the Expert Author Publishing family! Both Nina Telpoukhovskaia and Karen Joy Hall have recently achieved the illustrious rank of Amazon Best Selling Author! These are both former students of mine who took what they learned in my class and made it work for them. Below are screenshots of their rise to the top!

The first Amazon screen shot is Nina Telpoukhovskaia Dec 1, 2009 # 1
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Nina - Best Seller

The second Amazon screen shot is Karen Joy Hall Sept 29, 2009 # 1
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Karen - Best Seller

Imagine what being an Amazon Best Selling Author can do for you … I personally have found it to be a useful distinction with my own business. When you reach the end of this post, you will see that my signature line includes information about my own #1 Best Selling Book. Nina and Karen can both claim the same thing now! That little line of text provides your customers with trust in you and your business. If plenty others have considered your book (and ultimately your knowledge) to be worth purchasing, then you must have something good to say!

If you don’t write and publish your book, you will never have that extra marketing tool of claiming that you are a #1 Amazon Best Selling Author. Now that you are aware of the prestige it can bring to you and your business, why not go ahead and write that book? Nina and Karen are finally experiencing the life-changing benefits that writing a book can bring about. Find out for yourself!

Nina led a very successful Amazon Best Seller campaign. Find out how she did it! I am having Nina speak at my next All-day Workshop on March 6, 2010. Anyone that would like to join us is absolutely welcome and I would love to see you there. There are only 22 spots left as of this blog post so don’t wait – Get Your Seat Now!

Bob Burnham
Author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller:
101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book: How To Make A Six Figure Income By Writing & Publishing Your Own Book

Writing the “Perfect” Book

February 1st, 2010 by Bob Burnham

I teach hundreds of students every year how to write and publish their own books. In my classes, they are given all of the tools necessary to become published authors and to start making money with their books.

My students are motivated individuals who truly want to get their books written and out into the world. And so I began to wonder … If I am teaching hundreds of students every year, why haven’t those hundreds of students all become published authors by now? They all have stories to tell and they have all learned how to turn those stories into books. So what is holding them back?

This reminds me of a student from a few years ago. She had been working on the same book since 1967. 1967! That is quite a long time to be writing one manuscript! I had to ask her why it was taking so long. Why did she not just finish the book, get it published, and get it into the hands of readers?

She simply replied to me that her book was not yet perfect. She was in a writing club where everyone would critique their fellow members’ books. She told me that she was constantly coming across changes that needed to be made and revisions that would make her book better. Her aspirations for writing the perfect book stalled her efforts and placed her onto the path of possibly never reaching publication.

The secret I have learned is simple: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PERFECT BOOK.

Don’t fall into the same trap as the student I just described. No book will ever reach unattainable standards of perfection. Take a look at any book on Chances are, no matter what book you have searched for, it will have a good number of positive reviews and its share of negative reviews. It is impossible to please every reader in the world with your own manuscript. Trying to do so will cause unnecessary delays in your writing process.

One lesson I want to teach my students—and all of your reading this blog post—is that a published book is always better than a book that is never published. Once your book has been finished and is out there in the world, it can start working for you and making you money. Even a mediocre book that is published will provide better results than a terrific book that never had a chance. If you are waiting to reach an impossible perfection, you are missing out on all of the great things your book can help you accomplish.

So get started writing your book now! With the help of our DVD set, “Write & Publish Your Own Book In 40 Days,” you can be well on your way to finishing that book you’ve been wanting to write. Imagine becoming a published author by the end of the year! Now that is a goal worth striving for!