There has been a lot of excitement at Expert Author Publishing lately. I held a successful All-day Workshop on March 6, which I am excited to tell you all about in this blog post. I also received terrific news from one of our authors, which I will also fill you in on.

Workshop March 6 2010

The photo above was taken at my March 6 “Write and Publish Your Own Book in 40 Days” All-day Workshop. A great group of soon-to-be published authors attended and they were excited and ready to learn the tools they need to get their books published and into the hands of readers. A huge draw of this particular workshop was our special guest speaker, Nina Telpoukhovskaia.

You might recall from an earlier blog post that Nina is one of our Amazon Best-selling Authors. She is a true inspiration and role model for our aspiring authors, and it was a pleasure to have her speak to us about her accomplishments. Nina started her talk by explaining how she went about setting up an Amazon Best Seller Campaign. This information was very valuable for the workshop attendees, coming from a woman whose book hit #1 in the “Sales and Selling” category on Amazon’s Canada site!

Nina has also experienced success beyond selling copies of her book. One thing I always stress at my workshops is that becoming a published author can open doors in your life and career that you never imagined. Nina is a perfect example of this! She spoke to the workshop attendees about using her published (and best-selling) author status to receive spectacular job offers. Since publishing her book, Nina has positioned herself as a true expert in her field. Thanks to being set apart from others who do the same work she does, she was offered a very coveted marketing job with the 2010 Winter Olympics! Talk about prestige building upon prestige. What makes her story even more amazing is that Nina came from Russia only a few years ago. She couldn’t even speak English. To go from that point to having a best-selling book in Canada is truly amazing and inspirational.

Before I wrap up my discussion of how the workshop went, I did want to tell you another success story from one of our authors. Marco Longley, the author of The Ultimate Hot Tub and Pool $ales Book: Discover How To Double Your Sales in 7 Days, has achieved quite a bit of recognition after he became a published author. His book has already shipped to over ten different countries! What’s more, he just let us know that he has booked an event as a keynote speaker that will pay $4,000. With other speaking enquiries already in from Dubai and the United Kingdom, Marco is well on his way to achieving a tremendous future with his book and his status as a published author.

The Ultimate Hot Tub and Pool $ales Book

Our authors are certainly inspiring, and it was terrific to hear from them about their progress at the workshop on March 6. Keep an eye out for two books that we will be publishing soon: a book on Spiritual Chemistry and another about how to make an extra $150 in tips per night than the average waitress. We are ecstatic that so many of our authors are choosing to take that next step to get their books published, and we wish them all the best!