The current job market is rough. A report issued on April 2, 2010, confirms that the unemployment rate in the United States alone is holding steady at nearly 10%.

These figures are disheartening and even a little scary. You may want to make more money with a new job, but feel that there is no way to get one today’s economy. Maybe you just want a job period, but are having no luck. Are you one of the many who are choosing to give up—to not try again until more signs of recovery are observed?

I have a solution for anyone who answered “yes” to that question. Don’t let the economy dictate your life. Determine your own fate and set yourself apart from the competition. It’s true that any advertised jobs are receiving floods of resumes. It’s true that it is increasingly difficult to make your own resume stand out among the rest. With similar qualifications, work history, and references, how can you make sure you and not someone else will get called in for that all-important interview? How do you secure the job that will get you more money?

It’s simple: WRITE A BOOK.

A former student of mine, Nina Telpoukhovskaia, is a perfect example of how writing a book can get you that higher-paying job! Only a few years ago, she lived in Russia and spoke very little English. After she moved to North America, she wrote and published a book. The book became an best seller and made Nina a name for herself! She recently spoke at one of my workshops and told the attendees how being a published author helped her to get three very well-paying jobs (one of which was in marketing for the 2010 Olympics!). Nina went from knowing barely any English to being considered an expert in her field in no time at all thanks to writing a best-selling book. I wanted to share with you ways that you can use your status as a published author—once you finally get that book written—to make more money and stand out in the job market.

Your Resume
With a simple line on your resume such as, “Wrote and published [The Best Internet Marketing Book], the definitive guide to successful internet marketing,” there is no way an employer can pass you up. You are automatically seen as an expert in your field. That one line will set you apart from all of the other people who applied for the job and will ensure that you are called back for that interview. You are already on your way to landing the job and making more money!

The Interview
Imagine being asked by your future employer, “Why should I hire you for this job?” At that point, you throw a copy of your book on the table and confidently answer, “Because I wrote the book on it!” Being a published author gives you a powerful advantage to landing a better-paying job. Discussing the research you performed and the experience you had while writing your book will instantly position you as an expert in your field. And imagine how much of a leg up you will have on your competition if you could say that you were a Best-selling Author as well, like Nina Telpoukhovskaia!

Social Networking
Now more than ever, you can use social networking sites to your advantage. On, you can set up a “Fan Page” for your book or even for yourself as an author, and you will have one more way to set yourself apart from those people who want the same paycheck you do! Point to your Facebook page with a link in your email signature and your future employers can “discover” you for themselves. Get a lot of fans on the page and you will also build prestige for yourself. is great tool for employers to learn more about you and what others in the same occupational field think about you. One of the most impressive things you can post is that you have written and published a book. Just like with your resume, employers will take notice! When it comes time to hiring for that high-paying job, being a published author will set you apart from everyone else and will help you to land that job and that paycheck!

There are lots of ways that being a published author can steer you toward finding your dream job and earning more money. Now that you have the tips and resources in your hands, it’s time to get started on writing your book! Learn how to write, publish, and make money with your book with our Instant Author Riches system! The sooner you get that book out there, the sooner you can land those great-paying jobs!