Action Brings Synchronicities

January 31st, 2012 by Bob Burnham

The way that Expert Author Publishing has come to be a thriving company is nothing short of amazing. There were so many downloads and synchronicities that occurred to make this happen. I woke up at 2:00 in the morning with the title 101 Reasons Why You Must Write a Book: How to Make a Six Figure Income by Writing and Publishing Your Own Book in my brain. (I get my downloads from 2:00 to 4:00 in the morning.)

Once I started writing that book, I was on the road to a whole new career. Then I got a $997.00 CD set from Paul Hartunian about speaking and selling from the platform and one of the things that was really helpful was that he recommended Mike Round’s “Talk, Talk, Talk: Your Guide to Making Money Through the Rubber Band Circuit, The Rubber Chicken Circuit and Radio Talk Shows” a DVD set for $50 about getting yourself set up in business by teaching adult education classes. Teaching adult ed classes, of course, has been a backbone of my business, not to mention how many opportunities and books I have helped birth because I’m willing to speak in front of audiences and teach workshops and classes.

Back when I was thinking of the book Change One Belief I had the idea for a book written by one of my mentors, and sure enough, 8 months later she calls me about having me publish her book.

When you put your thoughts out there with a goal in mind, the synchronicities that happen are amazing. The important part, of course is that you take action on your guidance.  

I couldn’t have planned the things that are happening to me now better than they’re actually happening. When you look back on your life, you become aware of all these different synchronicities that all happen in order (and sometimes they might not be exactly as you planned). But if you’re patient and you have faith, you’ll see it was a blessing how it happened—it all happened perfectly. 

The title for the anthology I’m doing called Change One Belief was downloaded to me in the same way. I admit sometimes I don’t even write these cosmic messages down, but if it’s still there in the morning, that tells me it has to be done.  I admit it–I ignored Change One Belief, but it kept coming back to me 5 times! After the 5th time, I knew this was a book that had to be published.   

I couldn’t have written a better script than what the universe has written for me, but you must be aware of when you get downloads or your intuition is speaking to you — and this is so crucial that I’m repeating it – honor it by taking action, and you’ll witness miracles in your life.

We’re looking at a publication date of January 2012 for the Change One Belief anthology. There’s still time to get your story published in the book or if you know someone with a great story, go to for guidelines and submission instructions. This could be your piece of synchronicity right now, so go ahead and take action!  

I Don’t Care About Money (Part 2) 

January 17th, 2012 by Bob Burnham

I help writers achieve their dreams and share their knowledge by teaching them how to become expert authors through my workshops and classes. I have just added a comprehensive Mastermind to help writers with their books. By giving them the “how” they can make money by signing up clients to programs based on information contained in their books. My methods are so sound that if you have a quality non-fiction book and you follow my formula, you will get results.

Most writers struggle and are disappointed when they finally finish their book and there is no money at the end of the rainbow. I tell them their life-changing journey has just begun.

In my previous article, I gave you some reasons why money is important to writers. In this article, I give you more reasons and concrete ways you can adjust your thoughts and change your prosperity quotient.

  1. Money is an idea backed by confidence. How much confidence do you have in your book? How much are you willing to put yourself out there, back up your ideas and show your true face to the world? Is saying you don’t care about money really a copout? 
  2. Getting out there with your book or having programs based on your book allows you to change other people’s lives.
  3. More exposure brings more relationships into your life, along with the satisfaction of becoming a mentor and sharing your knowledge. 
  4. Many writers hide behind their computers. Money gives you access to more resources. You get to know more people and more places, giving you more ideas and points of view for your writing.

If you do have limiting beliefs about money, what can you do about it?

  1. Admit it, then see if you can trace it back to where you heard it. Dad? Mom? What did they say? How’s that working for them? Did their belief come from fear?
  2. Realize you’re going to have to learn the art of faith and trust–trusting yourself, your book, the power of positive thinking and the process of life itself.
  3. Determine if you are more afraid of success than failure.
  4. Write down the ways success would change your life. 
  5. Realize that most people fear change–period.  Any kind of change (even success).
  6. Accept that success can mean tough decisions and growing pains, but the rewards include knowing that you did everything you could to live up to your potential.

Yes, you CAN make money from your book.  Curious? Go to and see how we can help you launch your new career.

I Don’t Care About Money (Part 1)

January 3rd, 2012 by Bob Burnham

I hold workshops and seminars on becoming an expert author, as well as Masterminds teaching authors like you how to parlay non-fiction books into profitable programs so you can share your expertise with the world. Realistically, most authors will not get rich from selling their books alone–many end up receiving as little as $2 per book, or make $100 for the entire life of one book. 

At times, I’ve gotten someone in my class who looks down their nose and says, "I don’t care about money."

If you don’t care about money, it won’t care about you.

Money is merely a by-product of giving value to your audience. No value, no money. If you give value, you won’t be able to avoid making money. Have you noticed that many of the wealthiest people in the world have given the most value to society from what they do? From Oprah (who has helped millions transform their lives) to Bill Gates (transforming the way we process information), to Warren Buffet (who has created thousands of millionaires by helping them invest their money) this holds true, as long as you ASK for the money. It is a universal law that if you give value you will have money, so if I hear anyone say they don’t care about money they are also saying, "I don’t care about giving value to my readers."

In addition, if you care about your ideas enough to want to share them with the world, you’re going to want to care about money or you won’t be able to fulfill your mission.

Here are some other compelling reasons why it’s not just okay to care about money if you are a writer, but vitally important:

  1. You need to publicize your book. Publicity, from websites with functioning search engine capabilities to draw people to your site, to other effective advertising, costs money. Even "free" publicity such as speaking engagements, social media marketing, writing ezine articles, gathering testimonials and making connections for affiliate partners takes time. Time is money. If you’re just scraping by or working two jobs to pay for your writing habit, you’re not going to have the time to get your book into your ideal reader’s hands. 
  2. Money means freedom–freedom to publicize your book and time to write.
  3. Money is simply a measuring gauge of how you’re doing (with a lot of societal, religious and emotional baggage attached to it). As you make more money, it can become a pretty fun yardstick.

In my next article, I’ll give you more reasons you should care about money and some solutions to lubricate a stuck money mindset.

Yes, you CAN make money from your book.  Curious? Go to and see how we can help you launch your new career.