For many authors the idea of writing a book is so colossal that they get stuck in overwhelm. Here are some tips that allow you to take it one bit at a time:

  • Your first book only has to be 100 to 120 pages. Short books get to the point and readers enjoy the satisfaction of finishing a book in a timely manner.
  • Craft your chapter titles first. Sit down and write them out in one sitting. Then write a small paragraph or a few bullet points under each title. If you join one of my writing and publishing programs, we help you tweak your chapter titles so people want to buy the book just from looking at the Table of Contents on Amazon.
  • For a book of 120 pages, you only need eight to 10 chapters. When you work with me at Expert Author Publishing, you receive a Book Template to guide you in writing your non-fiction book.
  • Feel free to write your book in any order. Some people start with the last chapter and direct everything toward their stunning conclusion. Others begin with the easiest chapter, the pivotal chapter or the one they are most excited about.
  • Write your book in a conversational style that is easy to read. No jargon, no fancy words they have to look up and no confusion!
  • Write ½ hour every day to keep the momentum going.
  • Resist the temptation to edit while writing! This stops you in your tracks and it’s a disservice to you because it’s much better to read it fresh after you’ve had some time away. You’ll have a new perspective on your work.
  • Celebrate your work and congratulate yourself along the way. Sip your favorite tea or give yourself some kind of treat when you finish your writing for the day.

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