While in Las Vegas for Lisa Sasevich’s Speak-To-Sell event crafting our signature talks, Lisa’s new book The Live Sassy Formula became a #1 best-seller in three categories in the US, three categories in Canada and one category in the UK. This makes Lisa and the 27 Sassies who co-wrote the book international #1 best-selling authors.

At the time of the event, one of the Sassy contributors, Sue Clement, had already gotten a client directly from the book.

Not only is it important to position yourself as a best-selling author, but that event made it evident that one of the most powerful ways you can push your book is to get out there speaking to live audiences.

The biggest tip I could give you from the weekend is to make sure your talk (and your book) is communicating the results or the transformation your readers or audience will receive from you. Instead of focusing on the problem, your book should focus on the solution, and be inbued with an uplifting, positive quality.

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