Don’t Write The Wrong Book!

July 17th, 2012 by Bob Burnham

Coaches, Speakers, Entrepreneurs, Consultants, you don’t want to just write any book, you want to write a book that explains your methods, that’s totally congruent with your business and that will attract people you can serve in a deeper way. These people will want to take your information further.

Any book or memoir about what’s happened in your childhood cannot become your main focus, what you really need is a 3, 5 or 7-step system. Preferably you will want to give that system an acronym or something distinctive to really OWN IT. The idea is to make your book the only place where readers can get that information.

Whether it’s 3, 5 or 7 steps, your clients will not be able to get it anywhere else because it’s YOUR system. This means your competition becomes irrelevant.

Here are 5 tips to writing a successful book:

  1. Don’t give everything away. Give valuable steps, but be sure to save enough content-rich information for when readers pursue you, become clients and sign up for the products or programs that are an extension of your 3, 5 or 7 steps.
  2. You do want to showcase your personality, with your own personal stories of how you came up with this method because this helps your “know, like and trust factor.” It’s so valuable to resonate with your reader, but do not get too bogged down in your personal story.
  3. Strike the right tone. You don’t want to come off as lecturing. Although you’re the authority, strive more for “I’ve been there too and this is how I rose above it.” In other words, be “relate-able.”
  4. Include a call to action in your book. Have an offer or free gift to invite your readers to take it to the next step. Tell them how to get a free gift off your website, or how to have a session with you. It’s important to have a mechanism in place to get their email contact information.
  5. Before, during and after you write your book, always be cognizant of collecting testimonials. At one of the workshops I do regularly, someone will come up to one of my authors and say, “Oh I read your book, it helped me so much with [fill in the blank]. Thank you.” And the author will say, “You’re welcome.”

They just missed a perfect opportunity. The person is right there with love ready to give them a testimonial. So when you get a compliment, don’t be too shy to ask for the testimonial. 99.9% of people will say yes.

Remember too, that if that person has their own book or business, they are getting name recognition from their testimonial in your book, on your website and other marketing materials.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be well on your way to making a business out of your book.

As an Amazon Best Selling Author, you will enjoy 5 immensely important benefits:

  1. Credibility and Exposure—Your book and your name are publicized, making it easier for readers to find you!
  2. #1 Best Seller Bragging Rights—You’ll be able to add the “#1 Amazon Best Seller” designation to later editions of your book.
  3. Professional Success and More Money—#1 Best Selling Authors tend to attract better, higher-paying and more seriously invested clients.
  4. Increased Speaking Gigs—You’ll have more opportunities to speak at lucrative and prestigious events because you gain entry as the author of a #1 Best Seller.
  5. Better Than A Book Party—An Amazon Best Seller campaign is a much better investment than having a book signing party. While the party is fun, if you were to apply the cost to a campaign, you’d gain speaking engagements and better clients who will invest in your book and the programs and products that come from your book.

We’ve got quite a success story to share with Marina Dufort’s book. Marina Mermaid, as she is known, had a bestseller campaign last week and here are the results for Aromatherapy Secrets for Wellness:

The book made #1 in the Aromatherapy category
#1 in Disorders and Diseases
#1 in Chronic Pain
#1 in Stress

On the day of the campaign, the book hit #3 in overall book sales for (Amazon Canada) and #9 in overall book sales the following day.

Marina’s book surpassed even Steve Jobs’ biography and The Hunger Games!

Aromatherapy Secrets for Wellness also made the list of Movers and Shakers . . . Even the day following the launch, Marina took the #5 spot in Movers and Shakers and made the list of the biggest gainers in book sales ranked over the past 24 hours.

Book Titles That Sell

June 19th, 2012 by Bob Burnham

One of my clients called me from South Carolina, so excited that his book is finished. I asked him, “What’s the title?” He said “I Survived.”

“Wow, you survived. What did you survive—car accident, cancer, divorce?”

He said, “No, I survived depression.”

“Then why don’t you title your book How I Survived Depression, 7 Simple Secrets to Happiness and Bliss?”

People are looking for books on depression and they’re not searching for “I survived” hoping a book on depression pops up.

Quite often now people are using search engines like Google to search terms, but they also search online bookstores using keyword phrases. So if they are searching for a book on depression, most likely they will be searching for the word “depression.”

I spoke with another client who told me he was searching Amazon looking for a book on how to write screenplays. He put in the search box “How to write a screenplay” and the very first book that came up had the title How to Write a Screenplay. I asked him if he bought the book and he said yes. I told him, “That author is probably doing very well.”

If you can get your keywords in your title, it makes it simple for everybody. You want to have a hooky title to grab potential readers by the eyeballs. Remember, you only have 10 or 20 second to hook them in, and it’s incumbent upon you to do that, because if they don’t buy your book, they lose out on your information and you lose out on the sale.

The other part of titling is the subtitle. This should reveal the transformation or the results your reader will get from your book, also known as “the promise.” For my book, the subtitle is How to Make a Six Figure Income by Writing and Publishing Your Own Book.

Whatever your promise is, put it in the subtitle. If you can put keywords in there, all the better, because right now, as you’re reading this, people are searching for your book. Make it easy for them. Use keywords in your title and subtitle.

For many authors the idea of writing a book is so colossal that they get stuck in overwhelm. Here are some tips that allow you to take it one bit at a time:

  • Your first book only has to be 100 to 120 pages. Short books get to the point and readers enjoy the satisfaction of finishing a book in a timely manner.
  • Craft your chapter titles first. Sit down and write them out in one sitting. Then write a small paragraph or a few bullet points under each title. If you join one of my writing and publishing programs, we help you tweak your chapter titles so people want to buy the book just from looking at the Table of Contents on Amazon.
  • For a book of 120 pages, you only need eight to 10 chapters. When you work with me at Expert Author Publishing, you receive a Book Template to guide you in writing your non-fiction book.
  • Feel free to write your book in any order. Some people start with the last chapter and direct everything toward their stunning conclusion. Others begin with the easiest chapter, the pivotal chapter or the one they are most excited about.
  • Write your book in a conversational style that is easy to read. No jargon, no fancy words they have to look up and no confusion!
  • Write ½ hour every day to keep the momentum going.
  • Resist the temptation to edit while writing! This stops you in your tracks and it’s a disservice to you because it’s much better to read it fresh after you’ve had some time away. You’ll have a new perspective on your work.
  • Celebrate your work and congratulate yourself along the way. Sip your favorite tea or give yourself some kind of treat when you finish your writing for the day.

Say you want your book to look a certain way and you’re willing to pay for it. Here are some things to consider:

  • Done right, you cannot tell a print-on-demand book from a traditionally printed book. If you do pay more for embossing, you’re still making $2 to $4 on your book just like every other author (even if they’re published by a major publisher). Are these embellishments really worth it?
  • A bookstore is the worst place to sell your book. Many writers think getting into a bookstore is the key to selling their book, but unless somebody knows about you and they are heading to a bookstore specifically to purchase your book, chances are your book is not going to be noticed – fancy deluxe cover or not.
  • Many writers are still in the old mindset of having their books printed and stored. Print on demand is so much easier and smarter. Plus, with more people getting content downloaded to iPads and Kindles, you won’t need as many physical books.
  • The advantages to print on demand are that you don’t have to print and stock a huge amount of books. If you arrange print on demand properly, you stay available everywhere, in tens of thousands of online bookstore computer systems all over the world. It’s economical because your book is only printed when it’s sold. Everywhere you speak or talk about your book throughout the world, your book will be available. Any bookstore will find it on their computer and order it for your readers.
  • Remember also you’ll be on Amazon – so you won’t have to ship the book yourself.
  • When you publish through Expert Author Publishing, you can order 100 or 150 print-on-demand books when you have a speaking engagement (and the more you order, the cheaper it is per book).
  • Ultimately, even if you have a vision of your book that’s unique and beautiful and costly, you can still publish that version when you’re making more money on your book down the line.

Self-publishing can be a daunting and confusing process. Next week I’ll reveal more insider tips to help you publish your book the smart, easy and economical way.

Speaking Your Way to Success

April 3rd, 2012 by Bob Burnham

Speaking, becoming an author and putting on your own events are three of the most powerful, low-cost ways to draw people to you, to bring people into your programs, and to build your list. Hiding behind your computer won’t do it, having a human experience is priceless.

When speaking people meet you and form a bond with you. Another advantage is that you get immediate feedback from the audience – laughing, clapping, leaning forward in their seats and coming up to talk to you afterward all give you important signals. This means you can gauge the interest of certain products and programs before you spend time and money on them. And there are surprises because something you might say off the cuff gets a huge response and now you’ve got another product on your website making money for you while you sleep. Most test marketers envy these instant results.

The coordinator of a summit I spoke at told me sending e-mails resulted in two signups for his event, while live speaking garnered 30.  Although email and building your list can be one of the biggest assets in your business it just doesn’t have the same pull as speaking. Speaking is powerful because most people won’t do it. As an author, people listen to everything you say.

Even if you attended three networking events a week you would be amazed at what a difference it would make in your business.

As an author and speaker, the power increases exponentially. A book gives you celebrity, credibility and expert status, and published authors get booked readily into high-end speaking engagements and events.

Putting on your own events raises your profile the most because it establishes you as an expert in your particular community. This allows you to offer high-priced masterminds or intensive programs that run for months.

Events give you two or three days to really teach your methods and establish relationships with your participants. As people get to know you, they trust you to take them into your unique system in a deeper, fuller way. Your audience also gets to meet others they want to stay in community with.  It’s a bonding experience that often influences whether they sign up for your mastermind — because they want to be with their “tribe.”

As you can see, the willingness to get out there and speak opens a lot of doors – you’ll be invited onto other people’s stages, and your recognition factor will go through the roof. The possibilities, personally and professionally, that come from speaking can be life-changing. 

Goals + Accountability = Success

March 20th, 2012 by Bob Burnham

Now is the time to think about what we accomplished last year and set new goals.

Many people seem to do the same things day in and day out because that’s what they’ve always done. But if we set reasonable goals and make ourselves accountable, we can really start making quantum leaps in our lives.

If you pick even one to three reasonable goals you believe you can achieve this year, your life will start moving forward. If you don’t set goals, your life will stay the same.  Here are some tips:

  • It’s important to have the accountability quotient, but it’s also important to make your goal reasonable. If you commit to something that you think is unreasonable, you’re already setting yourself up for failure. If your goal is reasonable and accountable, then your life can’t help but change in positive ways.  This applies to that book you’ve been meaning to write. Take a step today that will take you further toward your goal.
  • Goals become realities when you have an accountability partner or expert or mentor – someone to keep you on track. If you know that daily you’ll be getting a phone call asking about the steps you took the previous day, you will not disappoint! Book mentors not only keep you on track, they also have all sorts of ideas to shape your work and get it out there in the world so you can make money from your expertise, instead of simply the $2 to $4 revenue from the book itself. You could spend 10 years and a lot of money, time and struggle searching for these answers, or you can find what you need in one place with Expert Author Publishing programs.
  • Many people hesitate, asking: "What if I make a mistake?" Even if you pursue the wrong goal, the fact that you’ve achieved this goal shows you can achieve any goal you desire, so go ahead and write your goals down and follow through on them.
  • Be specific. Give each goal a definite date for completion. If it’s not written down, it’s not going to get done. Put your list of goals where you can see them every day.

The whole idea of smaller goals and accountability is akin to building a building – it happens one brick at time – there is no other way. Each goal you complete builds your confidence so you can reach for even bigger dreams.

As I tell my students in my workshops, classes, and my Expert Author Mastermind Programs, speaking is the number one way to get out there and make money from your book and the programs and packages you’ve created from your expertise. It’s low cost and highly effective because your audience gets to meet you in person. As you get out there and speak, keep in mind these 3 essential components to optimize your sales and have potential clients pursuing you: 

  1. Offer Forms. Always have Offer Forms ready to hand out to get your audience opted in to your program. Have your Offer Forms handed out closer to the end of your talk when you are ready to go through the Offer Form and explain exactly what you would like them to do. Make sure the Offer Form looks professional and asks for a phone number and email address so you can build your list. You can offer them a free strategy session with you so you can sign them into one of your programs or some other offer you are currently running. If you do offer a free strategy session be sure to follow up with your prospects promptly after event.
  2. Seeding. Seeding means sprinkling your talk with enticements for your services. These can be stories of successes you’ve had with other clients and customers who have taken your programs. Just by mentioning that a client made $7,000 in three days or conquered their fear of flying in one session, you are seeding the audience for success.

    First, you’re describing your program in a way that makes people want to have the same kind of transformation that your clients had. And you are also seeding the steps and benefits of your particular formula or system. Second, you may be able to sell a higher-ticket item by mentioning a success story you had with a one-day/one-on-one mentorship client, so they can hitch a ride on the fast track to success.

  3. Scarcity. By invoking scarcity, you create a desire in the client to take action. You can generate scarcity by limiting the amount of applicants in your next program. Time limiters create scarcity – your audience has until the end of the workshop to sign up. Price limiters are also effective – this price is good for today only, then it goes back to your regular price. 

Remember that you are the expert and the audience expects you to act with authority. It’s up to you to state your offer clearly and to tell your audience how to respond. By taking the speaker and leadership role, you can significantly increase your business and transform more lives.

Action Brings Synchronicities

January 31st, 2012 by Bob Burnham

The way that Expert Author Publishing has come to be a thriving company is nothing short of amazing. There were so many downloads and synchronicities that occurred to make this happen. I woke up at 2:00 in the morning with the title 101 Reasons Why You Must Write a Book: How to Make a Six Figure Income by Writing and Publishing Your Own Book in my brain. (I get my downloads from 2:00 to 4:00 in the morning.)

Once I started writing that book, I was on the road to a whole new career. Then I got a $997.00 CD set from Paul Hartunian about speaking and selling from the platform and one of the things that was really helpful was that he recommended Mike Round’s “Talk, Talk, Talk: Your Guide to Making Money Through the Rubber Band Circuit, The Rubber Chicken Circuit and Radio Talk Shows” a DVD set for $50 about getting yourself set up in business by teaching adult education classes. Teaching adult ed classes, of course, has been a backbone of my business, not to mention how many opportunities and books I have helped birth because I’m willing to speak in front of audiences and teach workshops and classes.

Back when I was thinking of the book Change One Belief I had the idea for a book written by one of my mentors, and sure enough, 8 months later she calls me about having me publish her book.

When you put your thoughts out there with a goal in mind, the synchronicities that happen are amazing. The important part, of course is that you take action on your guidance.  

I couldn’t have planned the things that are happening to me now better than they’re actually happening. When you look back on your life, you become aware of all these different synchronicities that all happen in order (and sometimes they might not be exactly as you planned). But if you’re patient and you have faith, you’ll see it was a blessing how it happened—it all happened perfectly. 

The title for the anthology I’m doing called Change One Belief was downloaded to me in the same way. I admit sometimes I don’t even write these cosmic messages down, but if it’s still there in the morning, that tells me it has to be done.  I admit it–I ignored Change One Belief, but it kept coming back to me 5 times! After the 5th time, I knew this was a book that had to be published.   

I couldn’t have written a better script than what the universe has written for me, but you must be aware of when you get downloads or your intuition is speaking to you — and this is so crucial that I’m repeating it – honor it by taking action, and you’ll witness miracles in your life.

We’re looking at a publication date of January 2012 for the Change One Belief anthology. There’s still time to get your story published in the book or if you know someone with a great story, go to for guidelines and submission instructions. This could be your piece of synchronicity right now, so go ahead and take action!  

The current job market is rough. A report issued on April 2, 2010, confirms that the unemployment rate in the United States alone is holding steady at nearly 10%.

These figures are disheartening and even a little scary. You may want to make more money with a new job, but feel that there is no way to get one today’s economy. Maybe you just want a job period, but are having no luck. Are you one of the many who are choosing to give up—to not try again until more signs of recovery are observed?

I have a solution for anyone who answered “yes” to that question. Don’t let the economy dictate your life. Determine your own fate and set yourself apart from the competition. It’s true that any advertised jobs are receiving floods of resumes. It’s true that it is increasingly difficult to make your own resume stand out among the rest. With similar qualifications, work history, and references, how can you make sure you and not someone else will get called in for that all-important interview? How do you secure the job that will get you more money?

It’s simple: WRITE A BOOK.

A former student of mine, Nina Telpoukhovskaia, is a perfect example of how writing a book can get you that higher-paying job! Only a few years ago, she lived in Russia and spoke very little English. After she moved to North America, she wrote and published a book. The book became an best seller and made Nina a name for herself! She recently spoke at one of my workshops and told the attendees how being a published author helped her to get three very well-paying jobs (one of which was in marketing for the 2010 Olympics!). Nina went from knowing barely any English to being considered an expert in her field in no time at all thanks to writing a best-selling book. I wanted to share with you ways that you can use your status as a published author—once you finally get that book written—to make more money and stand out in the job market.

Your Resume
With a simple line on your resume such as, “Wrote and published [The Best Internet Marketing Book], the definitive guide to successful internet marketing,” there is no way an employer can pass you up. You are automatically seen as an expert in your field. That one line will set you apart from all of the other people who applied for the job and will ensure that you are called back for that interview. You are already on your way to landing the job and making more money!

The Interview
Imagine being asked by your future employer, “Why should I hire you for this job?” At that point, you throw a copy of your book on the table and confidently answer, “Because I wrote the book on it!” Being a published author gives you a powerful advantage to landing a better-paying job. Discussing the research you performed and the experience you had while writing your book will instantly position you as an expert in your field. And imagine how much of a leg up you will have on your competition if you could say that you were a Best-selling Author as well, like Nina Telpoukhovskaia!

Social Networking
Now more than ever, you can use social networking sites to your advantage. On, you can set up a “Fan Page” for your book or even for yourself as an author, and you will have one more way to set yourself apart from those people who want the same paycheck you do! Point to your Facebook page with a link in your email signature and your future employers can “discover” you for themselves. Get a lot of fans on the page and you will also build prestige for yourself. is great tool for employers to learn more about you and what others in the same occupational field think about you. One of the most impressive things you can post is that you have written and published a book. Just like with your resume, employers will take notice! When it comes time to hiring for that high-paying job, being a published author will set you apart from everyone else and will help you to land that job and that paycheck!

There are lots of ways that being a published author can steer you toward finding your dream job and earning more money. Now that you have the tips and resources in your hands, it’s time to get started on writing your book! Learn how to write, publish, and make money with your book with our Instant Author Riches system! The sooner you get that book out there, the sooner you can land those great-paying jobs!

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