There has been a lot of excitement at Expert Author Publishing lately. I held a successful All-day Workshop on March 6, which I am excited to tell you all about in this blog post. I also received terrific news from one of our authors, which I will also fill you in on.

Workshop March 6 2010

The photo above was taken at my March 6 “Write and Publish Your Own Book in 40 Days” All-day Workshop. A great group of soon-to-be published authors attended and they were excited and ready to learn the tools they need to get their books published and into the hands of readers. A huge draw of this particular workshop was our special guest speaker, Nina Telpoukhovskaia.

You might recall from an earlier blog post that Nina is one of our Amazon Best-selling Authors. She is a true inspiration and role model for our aspiring authors, and it was a pleasure to have her speak to us about her accomplishments. Nina started her talk by explaining how she went about setting up an Amazon Best Seller Campaign. This information was very valuable for the workshop attendees, coming from a woman whose book hit #1 in the “Sales and Selling” category on Amazon’s Canada site!

Nina has also experienced success beyond selling copies of her book. One thing I always stress at my workshops is that becoming a published author can open doors in your life and career that you never imagined. Nina is a perfect example of this! She spoke to the workshop attendees about using her published (and best-selling) author status to receive spectacular job offers. Since publishing her book, Nina has positioned herself as a true expert in her field. Thanks to being set apart from others who do the same work she does, she was offered a very coveted marketing job with the 2010 Winter Olympics! Talk about prestige building upon prestige. What makes her story even more amazing is that Nina came from Russia only a few years ago. She couldn’t even speak English. To go from that point to having a best-selling book in Canada is truly amazing and inspirational.

Before I wrap up my discussion of how the workshop went, I did want to tell you another success story from one of our authors. Marco Longley, the author of The Ultimate Hot Tub and Pool $ales Book: Discover How To Double Your Sales in 7 Days, has achieved quite a bit of recognition after he became a published author. His book has already shipped to over ten different countries! What’s more, he just let us know that he has booked an event as a keynote speaker that will pay $4,000. With other speaking enquiries already in from Dubai and the United Kingdom, Marco is well on his way to achieving a tremendous future with his book and his status as a published author.

The Ultimate Hot Tub and Pool $ales Book

Our authors are certainly inspiring, and it was terrific to hear from them about their progress at the workshop on March 6. Keep an eye out for two books that we will be publishing soon: a book on Spiritual Chemistry and another about how to make an extra $150 in tips per night than the average waitress. We are ecstatic that so many of our authors are choosing to take that next step to get their books published, and we wish them all the best!

This past month, I had the terrific opportunity of visiting a former student of mine at Coles Bookstore for her book signing. Alice Maryniuk published her long-awaited book Thinking For a Change: Transforming your life by transforming your thoughts early in 2010 and has already started a successful marketing campaign for it.

Alice is among a growing number of my students who have gone on to publish their books through my publishing branch, Profits Publishing. She had us format her manuscript while she outsourced her cover design. The end result was a beautiful book that is now in the hands of readers and is now working for her.

Alice was incredibly gracious to grant us a video interview during her book signing. Watch it and discover what she has learned about improving her own life by becoming a published author!

Publishing her own book has already done wonderful things for Alice—after only a month! As she explains in the video, our guidance and encouragement at Expert Author Publishing as both teachers and publishers helped her to believe that she really could finish her book and reap the rewards of doing so. Her business has improved along with her sense of accomplishment. Great things are happening for Alice, and we couldn’t be happier for her!

Now it’s time for you to finally experience all of the miraculous changes that becoming a published author can bring about in your own life! Imagine yourself in the video, signing your book at a local bookstore. We can’t wait for you to fill Alice’s shoes and become the next published author from our Profits Publishing branch! If Alice’s interview wasn’t motivation enough, I know that our workbook, “How to Write, Publish & Make Money With Your Book,” will point you in the right direction. Get the workbook now at and start changing your life for the better!

The Perfect Christmas Gift

December 4th, 2009 by Bob Burnham

Having trouble thinking of the perfect gift for friends and family this holiday season? If so, I ask you to consider the gift of inspiration.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has encountered challenges and adversities in their lives that give them valuable information that ought to be shared with the world.

Have you ever told someone close to you that they should write a book because they have lived such an interesting life? Have you personally been considering for a long time to write your own book? I know that both scenarios have applied to me. Not only did I do something for myself by writing my book, but I was also able to help inspire others who have been contemplating doing the same.

I first thought about writing a book years ago. I let a lot of time pass by before I finally went ahead and wrote it with my coauthor. That decision might have been one of the best I ever made, because once the book was written, my life truly began to change and miracles began to happen. I no longer knew why I had put it off for such a long time.

This lesson of not waiting so long is just one of the reasons that my coauthor, Jeff McCallum, and I wrote the best-selling book, 101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book; How to Make a Six Figure Income by Writing and Publishing Your Own Book. We wanted to give the gift of inspiration to others. We wanted to give them the kick in the pants that is necessary to once and for all write the book that they have been thinking about for years.

Of course, it isn’t in everyone’s life path to write a book. Some people may read our 101 Reasons and still feel that they are just not ready. Those people should keep reading until they get to our “12 excuses” that many would-be authors give for holding off on writing a book. We know these excuses well and we have completely annihilated them.

Basically, if you can read (and we assume that you can, having gotten so far into this blog post) and if you can simply carry on a conversation, then you CAN write a book. The same applies to your friends and loved ones. I can’t think of any one of my thousands of students who has regretted writing their own book. Our book will teach you why you should not procrastinate in becoming a published author. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will begin to reap the benefits.

Did you know that there has never been a better time in history to write a book? Inspire those you know to take advantage of this by sending them a copy of 101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book; How to Make a Six Figure Income by Writing and Publishing Your Own Book. You never know when inspiration will strike, so why not pick up a copy for yourself while you’re at it?

Consider our book to be the gift of inspiration. A gift like that could change the lives of your loved ones. It could even change your own life, so you have nothing to lose.

Order your copy now,
and have a happy and inspiring holiday season.
101 Reasons Why You Must Write a Book

It’s not all work! We get to play as well.

Last night Jeff, I, and our wives went to a fantastic charity function for the African Children’s Choir 25th Anniversary Gala Celebration held at the Vancouver Fairmont Hotel Proceeds from this exclusive event will go to the construction and completion of the African Children’s Choir Primary School on the shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda. The choir was absolutely fantastic to both listen to and watch. Every one of the children in the choir had the most engaging big bright smiles.

We were invited to the event by rock legend Paul Rogers of FREE, Bad Company, The Firm and Queen fame. Paul also performed at the Gala and was masterful as always.

If you would like to help the starving children in Africa through the African Children’s choir please Donate Here. They’re a fantastic organization that has helped so many orphaned African children become doctors, lawyers, graphic artists and many other noble professions.

Below are some pictures from the Gala.

What You Truly Need To Write Your Book

February 26th, 2008 by Bob Burnham

With 81% of the population in North America saying at one time or
another that they would like to write a book why are so few doing it?

Anyone that has taken my course ‘How to Write & Publish Your Own Book
in 40 Days’ knows I talk a lot about mindset at the beginning of the
class. I talk about mindset because it is the key to whether you
realize your goal to writing and publishing your own book.

I cover this all important topic of mindset because the fact of the
matter is anyone I teach my strategies to can become a published
author and even a best selling one. The only thing that can stop
them is their own mindset.

You see we all have the same 24 hours per day and we all have the
same information available to us for success but it is only
ourselves who can stop us. We are stopped by our ‘ANTs’ Automatic
Negative Thoughts.

You know the ones:

Where will I get the time?
I can’t write a book!
I don’t have any money to publish a book!!!
My spouse will not support me!

and on and on go the army of ANTs

So how come some of us succeed and some of us get stopped in the
starting gate? Some students leave my classes and have their books
finished in a very short time and some never take the first step.
Of course it is my passion that they all finish their books because
I know what a difference it can make in their lives.

You see when we ask questions of ourselves like; Where will I find
the time to write my book? That question is not intended to stop
us, but rather it is a good question that needs an answer so we can
move on with our book projects.

The answer might be to wake up a half an hour earlier or go to
sleep a half an hour later. There are many answers to that
question, the students who find the answer to that question and
many others are the ones that have Focus, Persistence and Passion.

You must have the Focus to stay on task and also to see the final
result of your completed and published book.

You must have the Persistence to keep moving forward on your book
each and every day to know you are heading toward completion.

Lastly you must have the Passion that will keep you motivated no
matter how many obstacles real or imagined try to take you off
course from you realizing your dream of becoming a published author.

It may help to know that with writing and publishing your own book
you will put in the work once but it is a process that can pay dividends
for the rest of your life.

Use A Simple Template To Write Your Book

January 30th, 2008 by Bob Burnham

I am just beginning to teach my course ‘How to Write And Publish Your Book In 40 Days’ for the winter semester in many schools throughout the lower mainland in and around Vancouver BC.

One of the points I always stress to my students is to use a simple template to write their books. I teach them to write 10 to 25 chapter topics for their book depending on the size of the book they wish to write. Then for each chapter topic I have them come up with 10 points they will cover about that topic.
They now have only to write a page or two about each point and they will soon magically have their book written. This way when they have mapped out their book from front to back they know what is going to be written on each page.

A little bit of up front time spent mapping out your book will save you a ton of time in the long run. This technique keeps my students from drifting and getting lost in a sea of words and ideas. You would not drive to a new distant destination without a map so why would you write a book with out a template?

Once you get used to this technique you will find it to be a very valuable tool. You can literally start writing your book on any page you wish. You can start on the last chapter then go to the middle chapter and then the first and it will still fit perfectly together.

Don’t get lost on a dark deserted road to nowhere with your book and then think you are suffering from writers block. Take this simple template idea and make your writing career that much easier.

Teaching You To Write And Publish Your Own Book

September 27th, 2007 by Bob Burnham

The fall season night school classes have started and I am busy teaching lots of eager new authors how to write and publish their own books. I get so pumped about letting my students know the opportunities they have in their lives by becoming a published author. Many have already been working on their books and some for several years.

When I ask why they have been working so long on their books and haven’t gotten them out yet it always comes down to the same answer. Although it’s usually a convoluted answer the answer is they just don’t think their book is good enough to publish. It is not perfect yet so they just keep stalling and tell themselves as long as they’re still writing the dream is still on the way.

But you see here is the big point for all us would be authors to ponder. Your book will never be perfect because there is no such thing as a perfect book. A mediocre published book will always outsell a book that never gets published because the author is waiting for perfection.

Of course we want a well written book with good content but it is not the most important thing you need to be a published author. You need to finish it and get over yourself. Just say enough is enough and get the book published and out into the world. Nothing is going to happen to you as an author until your book is published because until it’s published you are just another wanna be author.

If writing the perfect book was the criteria for being a published author we would all have nothing to read. Noting bad is going to happen to you if your book is not perfect. I will tell you this. If I can write a best selling book then anyone can.

You are going to get good and bad comments whether or not your book is the best written book in history so you may as well get used to it. As a matter of fact, the very few derogatory comments you may get are usually from a people who has never written a book and the nice ones are from most of the rest of the population and often from authors.

So I say as a teacher and author to all my students to just get your book out there and watch your world change.

Hello world!

April 24th, 2007 by Bob Burnham

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