Did You Know That 80% of Your Book’s
Success Is Having the Right Title?

Don’t Make The Mistake Broke Authors Make When Choosing A Title.

One of the reasons most books do well and make their authors money is because they have a book title that sells. It sounds like commonsense doesn’t it? The problem is that most commonsense is not all that common.

101 Reasons Why You Must Write a BookHi my name is Bob Burnham and along with my coauthor Jeff McCallum we wrote the # 1 Amazon Best Seller ‘101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book’ How To Make A Six Figure Income By Writing And Publishing A Book.

I have taught thousands of new authors how to Write, Publish and Make Money with their books from all over the world. It is a simple process if you have the right information.

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How to Pick the Ultimate Money
Making Book Title

11 Simple Secrets to Becoming
A Rich Author

How to Pick the Ultimate Money Making Book TitleAs a teacher as well as an author I have heard many a story about authors that have had titles that made their book bomb. The books were all well written and had great potential but no one was buying them because the author didn’t have a title that would hook the potential buyer in buying the author’s book This is a big problem that so many authors don’t have a clue about.

The problem is if your audience can’t find your book

The problem is if your audience can’t find your book you are dead in the water. This is where so many authors go wrong and unfortunately remain broke and can’t make a living doing what they love doing.


There Is A Simple Solution To Selling More Books

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But you see there is an easy solution. You have to know why some books sell and other never sell a single copy and this is why you want a title that sells your book.

I will never forget an author that called me and wanted some coaching to marketing his book and I asked him what his book title was. His answer was ‘Are You Ready To Jump Off?’

I have since asked 100’s of my students what they think his book topic was from hearing his title. About 50 % thought his book was about parachuting or bungee jumping and the other 50% thought it was about suicide.

Even in our rich work of communication, words are not enough to express the gratitude I feel for you. May be, to write my book will. One more time, THANK YOU!

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Well believe it or not this fellow was a financial advisor. The title, in his mind was are you ready to jump off or take the leap and start investing your money? I guess I don’t have to tell you his book has not done well.

A title that could have had people not only finding his book but also buying it could be.

‘The Definitive Guide To Investing Your Money’
How To Make Your Money Double Every 7 Years

Not only would you not have to guess what his book was about with that title but also it would have been easier for people to find his book through searching which many book buyer do. Remember the more targeted your book title is to your targeted keyword phrases the easier it will be for your reader to find your book.

Poor Titled Books don’t sell

Because I also own a publishing company I see this title miscalculation happen time and time again. Poor Titled Books don’t sell.

After taking the course on “How to Write and Publish a Book in 40 Days” I was inspired to write my own childhood experiences. Bob Burnham taught me how to compile my own writing materials, organise into a structure with key points to follow as guidelines and prepare for publication. I was very much impressed by the simplicity of Bob’s teaching methods!

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This is why Jeff & I made this Step By Step Blueprint Work book with CD’s Called;

How to Pick the Ultimate Money
Making Book Title

11 Simple Secrets to Becoming A Rich Author

In ‘How to Pick the Ultimate Money Making Book Title’
11 Simple Secrets to Becoming A Rich Author, you will discover:

  • Why You Want to Have a Title That Sells
  • How To Hook Your Reader With Your Book Title
  • The Mindset You Need For Success As An Author
  • Why You Will Be a Rich Author
  • Why You Must Write a Book…and why it will make
    you rich
  • How To Melt Through the Resistance On Your Path
    To Success
  • Which Book Topic Category Do You Fit Into
  • 101 Reasons Why You Must Write a Book
  • How You Will Gain Instant Credibility, Celebrity and
    Expert Status
  • How To Create A Dream Lifestyle As An Author
  • How To Research A Book Title That Will Bring You
    Floods of Targeted Customers
  • How To Create More Value For Your Book’s Topic
  • How To Determine Demand – Who Wants to Read
    Your Book?
  • How To Pick a Book Topic That Sells
  • How To Create a Book Title That Brings Cash &
    Customers on Autopilot

  • Why A Headline Has Several Jobs And So Does Your
    Book Title
  • How To Get Your Keywords in Your Book’s Title
  • The Compounding Effect; How To Explode Your Book
  • How To Set Your Hook with a Promising Subtitle
  • What Your Subtitle Accomplishes
  • Why You Want To Make a Promise In Your Subtitle
  • Why Your Back Cover is More Valuable Sales Real
    Estate and What To Do With It
  • What Testimonials Sell More Books
  • Why Are Testimonials Important?
  • How to Get Good Testimonials
  • How To Have A Table of Contents That Closes More
    Book Sales
  • Simple System To Write Your Table of Contents
    Utilizing the Copywriter’s Toolbox
  • And Much, Much More…

Ultimate Book TitleI am so sure you will be 100% blown away by the simple secrets and strategies in this workbook & CD set that I am prepared to give you a no risk offer for you to try it out.

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They thought at the very least I should charge $147.00 but I wanted to give as many new authors the same chance I had to create the life of their dreams and I didn’t want the price to be an issue.

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Bob Burnham & Jeff McCallum

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