How To Write & Publish
Your Book In 40 Days

Simple Secrets To Making A Six Figure Income As An Author

3 Live DVD's Plus Transcripts of This Special Class Taught at Continuing Education Schools

Course Description Summary:

Position yourself as the Expert by writing a book. Consider this fact: 'The Prestige Enjoyed By The Published Author is Unparalleled In Our Society'. Take advantage of this fact to make more money in your business or even in your job career. This course will show you both how to write a book on a subject you are passionate about and how to have it published for little or no money. This could be the most important course you ever take. Taught by Entrepreneur and # 1 Amazon Best Selling Author of: 101 Reasons Why You Must Write A Book: How To Make A 6 Figure Income By Writing & Publishing Your Own Book, Bob Burnham. A complete workbook is included.

Course Description:
6 Simple Secrets To Shortcut Your Success as A Best Selling Author

1. Picking a Topic. How to choose a topic for your book you are passionate about. How to make being an Author profitable to both your life and career. How to turn your interests or hobby into a book so you are positioned as the expert

2. Where The Money Is Made. Find out where the real money is made as an author. Most people are amazed at how little authors make in royalties but you will learn where the real money is made. This one point has saved some would be authors two years of hard work.

3. Simple Template To Write Your Book. How to follow a simple process to write your book in less than 40 days. If you can hold a conversation you can write a book. Also covered in this section if you don't want to go it alone is how to find good ghost writers that will compete to help you write your book.

4. How To Have a Best Seller on Amazon. You will be amazed at how easy it is to have your book a best seller on Amazon. This simple but little known effective strategy is being used all the time and can be used by anyone if you just know how. Just this one technique is worth a years pay and you get it for Free with this course.

5. How to Publish Your Book For Little Or No Money. Find out how to publish your book for almost nothing. I have seen several people pay up to $50,000 US to get their book published and you will learn the same process for little or no money. In fact we even have a simple secret that will have others pay you to get your book published

6. How to set up a website to generate income from your book. Your website can be building and generating income 24 hours a day 7 days a week all on autopilot once it is set up. What key points you must know when setting up your website or risk not being indexed by the search engines for good placement.

This is the 3 DVD set Video of Bob Burnham's popular Course taught in Continuing Education Schools throughout Vancouver, BC.

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